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History of Science and Technology Policies in Turkey

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Although science and technology have left their mark on the last 300 years of civilization, research on their relationship with society is quite new. Science is not carried out in a vacuum, but in the culture of scientists and institutions, and these cultural influences can often go unnoticed and even contradict the scientific method that strives to be objective.


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Finland Helsinki University has developed and published an online training for students and society to better understand artificial intelligence. Due to the lack of materials in our country and the fact that it was quite well prepared, I decided to translate this training, which I had been following for a while, into Turkish and deliver it to the readers on my Medium channel.

Where is the Academy in Turkey in the Blockchain Issue? [Turkish]

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We had a brief introduction to where is the Turkish Blockchain issue and had the opportunity to talk to some friends who contacted us. Nevertheless, when I searched the literature with the desire to write something for a congress to be held in April, I wanted to write an article that would both deepen the subject and help us understand the situation I encountered. Turkey is one of the countries with the highest interest in cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is among the top 3 countries in all researches, especially Statista. Blockchain is financially important, if not conceptually and phenomenally. So what about the academy?



From Agile to DevOps, Holistic Approach for Faster and Efficient Software Product Release Management

Published in AYBU SBE Journal Volume1, 2021

Release management is one of the most important software processes and is a set of processes that includes the compilation, configuration, and management of software versions in different environments. In recent years, changes in processes, technologies, and tools and changes in practices and understanding have paved the way for more effective, efficient, sustainable, reusable models and methods in this field.

Recommended citation: Bildiri, Fatih, and Ömür Akdemir. "From Agile to DevOps, Holistic Approach for Faster and Efficient Software Product Release Management." AYBU Business Journal 1.1 (2021): 26-33.

DevOps and Agile Methods Integrated Software Configuration Management: HAVELSAN Experience

Published in National Software Engineering Symposium (UYMS), 2023

Developments in the software industry, changing technologies, methods and conditions have revealed a perspective that prioritizes the improvement of all phases throughout the software development lifecycle, and the automation of the process. Especially agile methods and methods such as DevOps that focus on collaboration, automation, fast and effective software production have gained importance for the software industry.

Recommended citation: Bildirici, F., & Codal, K. S. (2023). Devops And Agile Methods Integrated Software Configuration Management Experience. arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.13964.

Refi Ve Blockchain: Daha İyi̇ Bi̇r Gelecek İci̇n Teknoloji̇yi̇ Sürdürülebi̇li̇rli̇k Hedefleri̇yle Bi̇rlesti̇rmek

Published in StsMeetsEthics23, 2023

This article investigates the synergistic relationship between Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and blockchain technology within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ReFi, diverging from traditional financial models, emphasizes restoration and long-term sustainability, crucial for tackling global issues such as climate change, health disparities, and educational inequities.

Recommended citation: To Be Identified

Using Agile Story Points And Game Theory Together: Better Software Planning And Development In Agile Software Development

Published in The 10th International Management Information Systems Conference, 2023

In the realm of Agile software development, precise user story point estimation is crucial for effectual project timeline and resource management. Despite its significance, the method is often marred by issues stemming from cognitive biases, disparities in individual judgment, and hurdles related to both collaboration and competition. In addressing these challenges, this study employs a comprehensive literature review, integrating key concepts from Agile software development, Story Point estimation, and Game Theory. Through rigorous examination of existing literature and relevant case studies, we identified pervasive issues in Agile and Story Point estimation. In response, we proposed the application of game theoretic strategies, notably the Vickrey Auction and Stag Hunt Game, aiming to refine these estimations.

Recommended citation: To Be Identified After Conference To Be Identified After Conference

Open-Source AI: An Approach to Responsible Artificial Intelligence Development

Published in Reflektif Journal of Social Sciences, 2024

This paper comprehensively addresses the risks, problems, and ethical issues for the responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Algorithmic biases, data privacy violations, security vulnerabilities, and lack of transparency in decision-making are significant barriers to AI’s ethical and responsible development and use. The potential of open-source AI development to effectively solve these problems is examined in detail.

Recommended citation: Bildirici, F. (2024). Açık Kaynak Yapay Zeka: Sorumlu Yapay Zeka Geliştirmeye Bir Yaklaşım. REFLEKTİF Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi, 5(1), 73–81.


Computational Social Sciences


1) Data collection and research ethics from digital platforms 2) Big data analysis and data visualization with different software languages ​​and programs 3) Web-based database creation and modeling


Information Systems in Scientific Researches

Undergraduate Seminar Course, Boğaziçi University, Management Information Systems, 2021

I gave a one-section seminar on information systems in scientific research methods within the body of Boğaziçi University information systems and cyber security summer school.

Entrepreneurship, Technology & Digital Transformation

Workshop, McKinsey, Young Global Leader Development Programme, 2022

The McKinsey Academy was established to help organizations create long-term value. Within the scope of this program, I gave training during a workshop on entrepreneurship and technological transformation.