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From Agile to DevOps, Holistic Approach for Faster and Efficient Software Product Release Management

Published in AYBU SBE Journal Volume1, 2021

Release management is one of the most important software processes and is a set of processes that includes the compilation, configuration, and management of software versions in different environments. In recent years, changes in processes, technologies, and tools and changes in practices and understanding have paved the way for more effective, efficient, sustainable, reusable models and methods in this field.

Recommended citation: Bildiri, Fatih, and Ömür Akdemir. "From Agile to DevOps, Holistic Approach for Faster and Efficient Software Product Release Management." AYBU Business Journal 1.1 (2021): 26-33.

DevOps and Agile Methods Integrated Software Configuration Management: HAVELSAN Experience

Published in National Software Engineering Symposium (UYMS), 2023

Developments in the software industry, changing technologies, methods and conditions have revealed a perspective that prioritizes the improvement of all phases throughout the software development lifecycle, and the automation of the process. Especially agile methods and methods such as DevOps that focus on collaboration, automation, fast and effective software production have gained importance for the software industry.

Recommended citation: To Be Identified after UYMS To Be Identified after UYMS

The Use of Big Data in the Military Field: Applications, Benefits, Problems

Published in International Data Science and Security Conference, 2023

Big data has the potential to revolutionize the military field by providing new insights and capabilities for decision making, command and control, logistics, and more. The military generates and utilizes a vast amount of data, including information from surveillance and reconnaissance systems, intelligence gathering, and communication networks. However, effectively utilizing big data presents a number of challenges, including issues related to data privacy and security. This paper will examine the current state of big data usage in the military, including its current and potential applications, opportunities for future advancements, and potential threats.

Recommended citation: To Be Identified After Conference To Be Identified After Conference


Computational Social Sciences


1) Data collection and research ethics from digital platforms 2) Big data analysis and data visualization with different software languages ​​and programs 3) Web-based database creation and modeling


Information Systems in Scientific Researches

Undergraduate Seminar Course, Boğaziçi University, Management Information Systems, 2021

I gave a one-section seminar on information systems in scientific research methods within the body of Boğaziçi University information systems and cyber security summer school.

Entrepreneurship, Technology & Digital Transformation

Workshop, McKinsey, Young Global Leader Development Programme, 2022

The McKinsey Academy was established to help organizations create long-term value. Within the scope of this program, I gave training during a workshop on entrepreneurship and technological transformation.