Fatih Bildirici

Fatih Bildirici Cover

I am a MSc gradute of Management Information Systems in Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, where I am a software specialist at the HAVELSAN and I am a MA graduate of Science and Technology Studies & PhD Student of Artificial Intelligence in Ankara University.

My research interests center around Artificial Intelligence, software development and new trends in there, technology oriented business management. Lately, I am interested in automation and software development life cycle at DevOps perspective.

Future Goals & Plans

  1. To be one of the country’s leading researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Publishing articles in leading journals and at least two books, one popular science and one academic
  3. To continue training and development in the field of software development along with DevOps and automation
  4. Gain depth in Computational Social Sciences, a field for social science students to develop their analytical skills in areas such as big data analysis, computer simulations, network analysis and machine learning.