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Finland Helsinki University has developed and published an online training for students and society to better understand artificial intelligence. Due to the lack of materials in our country and the fact that it was quite well prepared, I decided to translate this training, which I had been following for a while, into Turkish and deliver it to the readers on my Medium channel.

How should we define artificial intelligence?

We will learn by looking at the definition of the concept of AI and some examples in the first part of the training, which I will translate into Turkish on my Medium page prepared by the Helsinki University of Finland. As you’ve probably noticed, AI is a hot topic right now, especially for those following this vertical agenda. However, it’s not hard to see that AI means different things to different people. For some, AI can be described as a bit of science fiction about artificial life forms that can surpass human intelligence, while for others, almost any data processing technology can be called AI. Therefore, in order to better understand the concept of artificial intelligence, it will be very useful to look at its main applications.

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